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We proudly represent high quality products and equipment from the following manufacturers: 

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill offers the most complete line of cotton and synthetic fabric molletons, Using the finest raw materials and automated manufacturing techniques, Chapel Hill produces high-quality molletons at very good value. No wonder so many press operators insist on Chapel Hill molletons for their press dampening needs.


Founded in 1979, C&W Unlimited has since grown into the industry leader in the field of pressroom and graphic arts chemistry.  C&W has become a leader in the development of functional, environmentally responsible chemistry for the printing industry.  C&W is an approved vendor for:  RR Donelley, Vertis-Treashure Chest, Cannett, Tribune, and Knight Ridder.


For over half a century, dayGraphica blankets have introduced product improvements such as strengthened carcass designs, unique compressibility, and enhanced ink transfer.  The dayGraphica and david M brands of printing blankets and sleeves are renowned for superior product performance and value. Considered the standard of excellence by printers around the world, their premium brands regularly redefine the printing blanket and sleeve category through product innovation, technical support, and customer service. 


Diamond Roller

For over 30 Years, Diamond Roller has served the Graphic Arts Roller Market.  Diamond has earned the status as a leader in their industry, supplying rollers to over 3000 customers.  Diamond's manufacturing facilities and truck fleet cover most of the United States Roller Market and the Diamond Express Rollers are stocked and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Duco International is a world leader in the manufacture of offset printing blankets with an outstanding reputation for quality. Technological advances have allowed them to develop high quality blankets that produce excellent print quality and durability that surpass other brands.


Edward Graphics provides advanced materials and machinery to high quality flexographic and rotogravure printers in the international marketplace such as mounting tapes and doctor blades. They pride themselves on being good listeners, measuring our success based on how efficiently they achieve customer satisfaction. 
The Xcalibur™ doctor blade is quickly becoming synonymous with the evolution of high quality graphics in Flexo and Gravure printing facilities throughout the world.


Fujikura blankets are designed to minimize bulge. A unique built in compressibility along with low-stretch fabrics allow superior print reproduction and uniform paper release. This combination provides extra longevity due to high absorption during printing pressures. This hysteresis loop provides leveling, recovery for a complete cycle of bounce back..


Founded in 1958, LITH-O-ROLL has continually upgraded its production methods and equipment to keep abreast with evolving trends and technology in roller manufacturing. It is this perpetual quest for improvement that has kept LITH-O-ROLL number one in the industry year after year.  They provide products which demonstrate superb quality and dependable performance while showing concerned attention to competitive pricing and timely deliveries.


Pamarco anilox rolls are built to exacting specifications and the highest standards. In the manufacturing of the steel journals, as well as in turning, grinding, engraving and plating, each and every procedure builds in the quality and durability of the roll. Pamarco has been recognized by both the FTA and AICC for award-winning print quality.  Pamarco anilox rolls - where traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology to give you the best print quality - run after run after run.


Rogers has been involved in the graphic arts market for more than 50 years, most recently offering plate mounting materials for flexographic printers through partner distributors who focus on this market segment. Rogers is also one of the leading manufacturers of non-woven materials - a key component of the Dampening and Ductor sleeves  With Rogers Dampening Sleeves, you’ll get control along with the latitude you need for consistent, high quality results on press.


SYN-TAC rolls are made with only the finest rubber formula compound.  Each Roll is Designed and Manufactured to do a Specific Job.  Just as rolls differ in size, they also differ in rubber formula, hardness and face-to-core thickness. SYN-TAC rolls are individually designed and manufactured to perform the way the press manufacturer intended.  The Quality in Built-In!



Web-Lock Splicing Tapes have been specifically designed to solve today's demanding adhesion problems. High technology adhesive systems are the critical component of all Web-Lock Tapes. Each tape has been designed with unique performance characteristics to meet your individual requirements. All Web-Lock tapes have been thoroughly tested on a wide range of substrates to insure the proper degree of tack, adhesion and shear strength.



3M offers a complete line of high quality single and double coated, repulpable and non-repulpable tapes, dispensing systems and applicators for Paper Mills, Newspapers, and Web Printers.

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